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    Why Choose B2B Exports LLC as a Recycling Partner?

    Why Choose B2B Exports LLC as a Recycling Partner?


    B2B Exports LLC offers warranted, high quality, IT asset recovery and remarketing services to companies of all sizes. Since our inception we have been consistently recognized and respected as an industry leader in IT asset recovery and remarketing. Our services will help your company receive maximum value for retired, depreciated, or unwanted computer and IT assets.


    We utilize our competitive service and pricing models to directly acquire IT equipment from corporate end users, leasing companies, service and maintenance companies, exporters, resellers, retailers, and individual companies. The assets we purchase are resold through our wholesale or retail channels. On the wholesale side we sell to value added resellers, brokers, recyclers and corporate end users via our sales team and third-party websites. 


    Our dedicated staff will help you to find the right way to dispose of your retired and obsolete IT assets. We offer you a specialized service, with professional and technical expertise. Along with this, our expertise in logistics allows us to transport and carry your assets once our IT asset recovery is complete. Our methods help us to completely destruct and destroy your IT assets without any landfills or harm to the environment. B2B Exports LLC promotes nothing but sustainable ITAD (IT Assets Disposition) services to individuals and corporations alike.

    Instead of letting your discarded or unused IT assets and other office equipment sit in limbo;  you can simply give us a call. We will evaluate the components, which was simply lying around before we transport it. Sell your e-scrap to us & recover your costs without worry. We do purchase all of your old IT assets & components as per their value.

    We can also help you to recover your costs without much worry. When you do not use some IT equipment or component, and it is simply lying around, you aren’t getting anything out of it. But with our IT Asset Disposition, you can not only dispose of these retried and old components but get some money back. Our team of technicians helps you find the right value and prices for the old assets. B2B Exports LLC can also help your organization gain revenue growth by selling the old and obsolete IT assets and other office equipment to us. Our technical experts allocate the appropriate value to your IT assets, which allows you to recover the maximum return on your e-waste.


    Our IT asset disposition process provides our customers with a strong sense of  trust and accountability due to the sensitive data contained on their devices and because of local, state and federal environmental regulations. That’s why we carefully record and document the disposition at every step, and make those records easily accessible to you.

    • We perform thorough background checks on all transportation providers, as well as check for certification with the TSA and other agencies as needed.
    • Security of data is a priority from start to finish, and we make sure sensitive information won’t end up in the wrong hands.