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    Technology is growing and so does our dependency on it. It has grown to be a necessity of this age. The market is flooded with machines and gadgets flaunting latest technology. However, there is a gap between ‘I can buy it and I Should buy it’. It is this gap that controls the buying behavior of an individual.

    They say “necessity is the mother of invention”. It was this necessity that a whole new industry developed providing refurbished machines.

    By 2031, the global market for refurbished laptops and computers would reach eight billion USD, according to the Refurbished Computer and Laptop Market report of 2021-2031 from Transparency Market Research. It is growing at a whopping 11% CAGR.

    Globally individuals and organizations are showing interest in refurbished machines. Big Brands are introducing refurbished machines in their IT Departments. Companies providing refurbished devices are closing massive deals. B2B Exports being one such company has partnered with numerous MNCs and small organizations. It has earned a big name through embellishing refurbished devices to its IT brigade.

    A question arises why and how it has grown so big? What made everybody interested in it? What are refurbished machines?

    Well, refurbished machines are the devices strictly inspected, cleaned, and even repaired or upgraded after being returned for some reason. A refurbished device comes with an assurance of a fully-operational product. A refurbished device is as good as new and is not like a used machine which is untreated always.

    Value for money deal

    B2BExports known for their high-quality refurbished machines mostly sold with top-quality assurance. It is this quality assurance that proves itself a value for money deal. The money you save is the cherry on the cake.

    Cost cutting

    B2B Exports is a brand in the field of refurbished machines be it a laptop, desktop, or other devices. A brand that has earned the trust of the masses. One can get refurbished machines at the best price from them. Money one saves on procurement is pure gain. It helps you cut the cost thereby enhancing your revenue.

    Companies benefitted by refurbished products from B2B Exports have claimed to gain on lot other grounds. To enumerate a few:

    Assurance on quality

    It is primarily the most important. The assurance one gets on each device gained post refurbishing process is because they are first inspected and tested thoroughly. B2BExports have proven itself a reliable source, their machines are tried and tested for every component. Contributing its proper functioning. These machines are assured of performance as good as new.

    After sales services

    Trusted sources like B2B Exports also, get you quick and effective after sales services. With assured quality on the refurbished device, you get stress free and unruffled procurement from such reputed partners.

    Environment Savior

    More than anything else, it is the environment angle that makes you choose refurbished products. According to B2B Exports, refurbished technology controls e-waste and unwanted packaging material that results in choking landfills.