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    What Is E-Waste Recycling And Why It’s So Important?

    Around 166 million laptops and 1.52 billion smartphones were sold worldwide last year. The point to notice here is that this number does not include other electronic items like desktops and simple mobile phones. Most of these items have a limited life post which these are disposed of. Till November 2020, around 42.3 million tons of e-waste was produced.

    Have you ever thought where do the electronic items go after you discard? Have you thought of the severity of the impact on the environment and human health of improper disposal of this electronic waste?

    Wondering what makes electronic gadget so dangerous for the environment. It’s the use of deadly chemicals such as lead, brominated flame retardants, cadmium, Arsenic, Vinyl Chloride and mercury in manufacturing of the electronic gadgets.

    What is the solution to this problem?

    E-waste Recycling

    What is e-waste recycling?

    Electronic recycling is mindful disposal of e-waste to prevent the production of ecologically dangerous materials. E-waste recycling for businesses is more important as these are the biggest contributors in the overall electronic waste.

    In e-waste recycling, the useless gadgets are handed over to the recycling facilities, which either re-use the products after making the necessary repairing or modifications or discard them as per the legal guidelines. For instance, the steel used in game consoles can be recycled and used to create car parts, beams and computer casings. Steel from the smartphones can be galvanized and used on ships to prevent them from rusting by using the zinc components.

    Benefits of e-waste recycling

    Preserves natural resources

    Electronic devices when recycled wisely can be a fertile source of precious raw materials that are extracted from the earth. Just because the device has stopped working doesn’t mean the materials like gold, copper, aluminium etc. are also useless.

    E-waste recycling helps in recovering valuable materials from the old gadgets that can further be reused in new devices. It not just helps in saving natural resources extracted from the earth but also helps in saving energy, reducing pollution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    Saves landfills

    When businesses get professional support for e-waste recycling, they also protect the landfills from unnecessary dumps. It creates space for disposal of other waste material that can easily be decomposed.

    Reduced greenhouse gases

    Substances like cadmium, lead, mercury etc. when not disposed of properly can release into the environment. Electronic waste recycling cuts down on the emission of poisonous gases. Further, when companies use recycled devices or materials for manufacturing of new products, they use less energy than needed on the new materials, which means reduced level of greenhouse gases emitted into the environment.

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