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    Reasons To Conserve Precious Metals With E-waste Recycling

    Increasing availability and the decreasing cost of electronic equipment like smartphones, laptops, tablets and computers might have blessed us with the advanced technology, but the rate these are replaced for updated models has also cursed us with an uncontrollable amount of electronic waste. Also called e-waste, today, this has become a rapidly growing problem not just for the human beings but also for the environment.

    And one of the biggest concerns is the metal used in these devices. If you thought that precious jewellery is the only item having expensive material, it’s time to correct yourself. All the electronic devices including laptops, computers, mobile phones etc. have a high percentage of precious metals such as palladium, cobalt, silver and gold. If not treated well, these metals can also cause harm to the environment. There are various reasons to prove that conserving metals with office electronics recycling is essential.

    Loss of natural resources

    Not all the countries have facilities or resources to process the old electronic devices. There these are either shredded into bits by the professional e-waste recycling companies or shipped to under developed and developing countries for further processing. In each case, the company loses onto the precious metals used in the devices. For instance, 100 kg of copper can be found in a ton of old mobile phone, which is huge when it comes to the value of the natural resources.

    Health Hazards

    Men, women and even children in developing countries laboriously mine in the landfills to find the precious metals. They do this without any precautions and get in contact with other hazardous metals and chemicals used in electronic equipment. This causes serious health issues, which at times travel for generations.

    How to conserve precious metals used in electronic devices?

    E-waste recycling is the key

    One of the best and the most effective ways to conserve metals in the electronic devices is e-waste recycling. It also helps in putting a check on the losses and hazards posed by e-waste. As per the reports, around 90% of the material used on manufacturing of devices like television and computers can be recycling. All you need is a professional and experienced IT asset management and office electronics recycling company that not just helps you in effective disposition of old IT assets but also helps you in making the process smooth and hassle-free.

    How is it done?

    The valuable e-waste is put into grinding machines to convert them into powder, which is further put into flotation plants to separate the minerals.

    The advanced technologies like pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy and bio hydrometallurgy have helped a lot in effective treatment of e-waste. However, this doesn’t mean you should behave irresponsibly and dispose of the obsolete electronic waste in landfills. As a responsible citizen and business owner, you should give your contribution in conservation of precious metals with e-waste recycling. If confused how, take help of professionals for e-waste recycling for business and sit back for the effective process.