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    Make Electronic-Waste Recycling Part Of Your Spring-Cleaning Process

    Fresh and clean air with rising temperatures make the spring season the best time of the year to give your office a thorough cleaning, which also is the reason behind using the term ‘spring cleaning’. With deep cleaning of the office, you can spruce up and streamline your office. Along with this, it is the perfect time for getting rid of old and outdated IT assets and updating the office with the latest devices.

    When replacing the old IT assets with the new ones, along with the new assets, you should also be careful about the disposal of the old assets. You should ensure that as part of your spring cleaning process, you also focus on corporate IT asset recycling.

    Steps to include corporate IT asset recycling in the cleaning process

    Step 1. Segregate the inventory

    The first step in the recycling process of IT assets is to take out the inventory of the equipment you want to recycle. This can include electronic devices like computers, mobile phones, laptops or their accessories like batteries, power cords etc.

    Step 2. Erase the data

    No doubt the company will help in data destruction, but it is your responsibility also to permanently erase all personal data before handing over the devices to the e-waste recycling company.

    Step 3. Find a professional company

    Once you have sorted the IT asset, the next step is to contact a professional electronic waste recycling company like B2B Exports and provide them with a detailed list of your old inventory that you want to dispose of. The specialists from the company will discuss the process and pick up the equipment for the further process.

    Step 4. Verify the documents

    The company you hire for e-waste recycling will provide you with the documents to ensure that your business adheres to the EPA’s e-waste recycling standards. If you are hiring a company for hard drive data destruction services, they also provide an auditable report of a DVD video of your drives being destructed. You need to verify these documents and reports.

    Not just as a responsible organization, but in some countries, laws and regulations make it essential for the companies to follow the proper e-waste disposal process. They cannot just simply toss the old monitors, phones and laptops in the trash.

    Including electronic waste recycling in the spring-cleaning strategy helps you abide by these rules and get an image of a responsible organization that further helps you win the trust of the customers. But if done without following the right process, recycling electronic waste can be an extremely difficult and complicated task than expected. However, you can ease the process by seeking the assistance and guidance of an experienced company. You can search the internet for ‘electronic waste recycling centre near me’ and can easily find the recommendations. Companies like B2B Exports provide safe, eco-friendly and affordable e-waste and IT asset recycling services.