Enterprise Level IT Asset Disposition Services

B2B exports LLC specializes in corporate IT assets recycling & secured IT asset disposition. With 6+ years of expertise into ITAD services, data center decommissioning, and office assets recovery; B2B exports LLC has positioned themselves as market leader in electronic assets recycling & IT assets remarketing. Our Chamblee warehouse is the hub of all electronic recycling activity authorized by State of Georgia and the federal government.

We offer free pick up and recycling services of IT assets/equipment to corporations, businesses, schools, universities, retailers, commercial units, offices & organizations

Note: We currently only offer free e-waste pickup & recycling services to commercial customers. However, we can accept drop offs of residential IT assets for recycling; by APPOINTMENT ONLY. We don’t offer any buy/sell services to individual end users!

We accept at no cost for recycling: laptops, desktop computers, servers, toner cartridges, ink cartridges, audio/video equipment, IT network equipment, servers, routers, phones, telecom equipment, peripheral devices etc.

Free IT assets recycling includes the following:

  • Removing obsolete IT equipment
  • Removing tags, stickers & identification marks
  • Recycling, value recovery & disposal of all IT assets in compliance of local & federal regulations
  • Data destruction, shredding of hard drives & storage media
  • B2B Exports LLC will manage all pick-up and delivery to its warehouse from your company’s location(s). B2B Exports LLC will provide technicians to de-install equipment if necessary
  • Complete reporting with certificate of recycling and data destruction

B2B Exports LLC specializes in helping businesses overcome their surplus & obsolete IT assets concerns, secure IT asset disposition (ITAD), and IT assets value recovery, while ensuring complete protection of sensitive data. We adhere by stringent recycling procedures so that environmental and industry regulations have been met.

Who should undertake our services?

All organizations using any form of IT asset should utilize recycling services to maximize their organizations ROI through retiring assets properly in an effort to comply with environmental policies, data security standards and regulations.

If you fall in any one these categories, you should streamline your IT asset recycling process with a certified ITAD partner to dispose your recyclable IT assets:

  1. Business/Office with high quantity of computers, laptop, servers
  2. School (Private or Government) which uses computer, tablets, laptops as
  3. Data centers who are planning upgrade, relocate, dissolve
  4. Call centers which uses IT assets server, routers, IP phones, laptops
  5. Retailers, hotel, hospital or any commercial entity looking to dispose of obsolete electronics
  6. SMBs who want to close, upgrade, downsize the IT assets in operation
  7. MNCs/ big business who want to remap entire IT infra of the company

Additionally, we also assist our customers with dismantling offices equipment, computers, server, network so that they can be assured that every effort to create a hassle-free transition to end of life process of their IT asset using the current state of art recycling services.

We offer certified recycling & data destruction by using the best propriety software to ensure that has 100% serialized tracking for all of our IT asset remarketing. B2B Exports LLC can offer customized ITAD services to meet your business requirements!

What are the charges for recycling services?

For businesses with eligible items recycling of IT assets is free of cost. However, for all residential recycling request there is nominal charge for certain items.

The pickup service is for businesses only. We don’t accept residential pick-ups at all (this includes home-based businesses); However, your electronic items can be dropped off at our Chamblee recycling hub with prior appointment.

Why should your organization recycle its IT assets disposition through a certified recycler?

  1. Zero Waste +Zero Worry+ No Landfill
  2. Don’t throw away your reputation
  3. Mandatory as per state and federal environmental laws
  4. Maximize your ITAD return