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    IT Assets Recycling Procedure


    IT Assets Recycling Procedure

    B2B Exports LLC’s IT assets recycling procedure separates all focus materials as they are generated through the dismantling process. Below is the summary of our IT asset recycling and down-stream vendor processes. All the focus material handled by B2B Exports LLC follows the R2 Certification Standards with approved downstream vendor for the end of life cycle for resell/refurbished and sold to the market. This material will be shipped to our approved document vendor or refurbished and remarketed accordingly.


    B2B Exports LLC’s IT assets recycling procedure consist of the following elements:


    CRTs and CRT Glass

    B2B Exports LLC will never dispose of, export any other tubes it receives into a landfill. The CRTs are sent to our downstream recyclers complete, crushed, cleaned and sorted. Clean glass, phosphorous powder, and the metal band will ship to resize, treat and dispose of, and shred. Once received by our downstream recycler, will then crush and separated all material accordingly.

    Mercury Contained Devices

    Laptops and flat panel monitor often contain mercury. B2B Exports LLC sorts these items in boxes, dismantle on our facility, and send the FM material (LCD back up lamp, circuit board) to our down-stream recycling processing facility, shredded and smelted for precious metals and non-ferrous recovery.

    Circuit Boards

    During the recycling procedures the B2B Exports LLC has in place separates circuit boards (motherboards) into several grades, accumulated, and prepared for recycling. We always make sure that our process follows our guidelines to separate the grade of each board. These circuit boards are then sent to our down-stream recycling  processing facility, shredded/smelted for precious metals and non-ferrous recovery.

    Hard Drives

    B2B Exports LLC’s recycling process sorts all hard drives by their capacity. Non-reusable hard drives are also sent to our down-stream recycling  processing facility, shredded and smelted for precious metals.



    B2B Exports LLC recycling process re-generates batteries when dismantling equipment. These batteries will be sent to our local down-stream recycling facility for battery smelter and for metal recovery.

    IT Assets Recycling Procedure: EH&SMS

    B2B Exports LLC is committed to meet or exceed our customer requirements, to continually improve our processes and to maintain compliance with relevant environmental, Occupational Health and Safety and data security legislation and regulations. The main goal of our organization is to have a positive impact on the environment through responsible recycling requirements that includes the conservation of metals, plastic and other non-renewable resources.


    Consistent with these core operations, it’s B2B Exports LLC’s overall goal to accomplish our business objectives while meeting/exceeding the environmental and health & safety expectations of our management, employees, customers, down-stream vendors, suppliers and local/federal government regulators.


    We will continually improve our systems while striving to minimize adverse impacts on the environment by managing and tracking through the recycling chain used and end-of-life electronic equipment, components and materials, including focus materials as identified in the R2: 2013 Standard – with respect to both on-site activities and the selection of or R2 certified downstream vendors who are using B2B Exports LLC’s  reuse, recovery, and disposal procedure of responsible management strategies.

    B2B Exports LLC is committed to our IT Asset Recycling Management by:

    • Ensuring that these policies are appropriate to our operations, and its potential environmental impacts and health and safety risks of B2B Exports LLC’s activities, products and services


    • Commitment to comply with all relevant QEH&S legal requirements, compliance obligations, customer and product requirements, industry guidelines and any other EH&SMS commitments made by B2B Exports LLC
    • Striving for continual improvement to enhance EH&SMS performance
    • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health.
    • We will continue to eliminate hazards and reduce all potential risks
    • Providing the framework for setting & reviewing EH&SMS goals, which are compatible with the strategic direction of B2B Exports LLC
    • Protecting the environment and preventing  pollution by following all local, state and federally mandated policies, standards and procedures related to the recycling of IT assets and other electronic devices
    • Ensuring that this system and policies are communicated and understood by all persons working for or on behalf of B2B Exports LLC
    • Making the EH&SMS policy is available to the public and interested parties and ensuring that our EH&SMS policy is reviewed and amended, as necessary and appropriate

    We recognize that when it relates to IT asset recycling, B2B Exports LLC’s responsibility for protecting the environment and its employee’s health & safety are shared, requiring cooperation between our employees and top management. We will continually improve its environmental health & safety management  system must be done in partnership with our responsible recycling requirements.


    B2B Exports LLC’s recycling procedures will continue to include setting goals, taking into consideration our business needs, our customer’s requirements, operational functions and government regulated legal compliance requirements and obligations, as well as the views of all interested parties.