Don’t let your IT Assets Remarketing go to waste once they reach the end of their cycle. B2B Exports LLC helps you dispose of and recycle e-waste and e-scrap.

  • At B2B Exports LLC we help you to find the right measures to deal with your e-scrap and e-waste. Once your IT Asset Remarketing equipment and components reach the end of life at your home or office, it is usually just lying there. Since it is not used and you may be inclined to throw it out, we step in to help you.
  • Instead of throwing your IT Equipment out, which is illegal in some states, we offer IT asset disposition services, and more. Instead of storing or keeping your retired and obsolete components at your place, we offer you a way to dispose of them without a worry.

Remarketing Process:

  • Integrated Logistics
    • Pack and Pickup Services securely pack and pickup all of your re-marketable broken, obsolete and discarded IT Assets and other office equipment to our facility located in Chamblee, Georgia 
      • Shipping and delivery options offered
      • Competitive shipping quotes
      • Multi-vendor pickup/delivery logistics coordination
      • Safe and secured storage warehouse for assets waiting to be shipped

ITAD Remarketing: Our Primary Vision

Our secure IT asset disposition services are pure and green. At the heart of all our operations lies the vision of a green and clean future. We will:

• Explain why you need to recycle or choose an optimal means of discarding your e-waste or e-scrap, Handle the transport of such assets you need to dispose of, and Destroy all the data on your assets so that it cannot be misused later.

You can avail of our electronic waste solutions to easily dispose of your retired IT assets and components. Here are the primary goals, benefits, and objectives of our IT Asset Value Recovery services.

Extra Cash Generation

Instead of letting your discarded or unused IT data components & equipment’s, you can simply give us a call. We will evaluate the components, which was simply lying around before we transport it. Sell your e-scrap to us, & recover your costs without worry. We do purchase all of your old IT assets &components as per their value.

Value Recovery

We help you to recover your costs without much worry. When you do not use some IT equipment or component, and it is simply lying around, you aren’t getting anything out of it. But with our IT Asset Disposition, you can not only dispose of these retried and old components but get some money back. Our team of technicians helps you find the right value and prices for the old assets.

More storage space

By availing our services as an IT Asset Disposition company, you can find a way to free up space in your homes, offices or other working spaces. The retried and unused IT assets take up a lot of space for storage. However, with our service, you not only get a valuation and some money in its stead but a lot of space for the new equipment.

Greener Environment

At B2B Exports LLC, we believe with all our hearts that saving the world is our top priority. IT Assets, equipment, and components are made of some dangerous and harmful materials, all of which cause harm to the planet. We recycle the components and the ones that cannot be recycled are not thrown in a landfill but destroyed by making use of sustainable technology.

B2B Exports LLC’s IT Asset Remarketing: How do we work?

As an IT Asset Life Cycle Management company, we emphasize your safety, on the environment’s safety, and make use of technological means to remove your data as well as dispose of your IT Assets. We help you secure a way to dispose of your obsolete IT Assets and secure your data, which is stored on such assets by destroying it so that it cannot be traced back.

Our recovery and IT asset disposition services are done on a multi-stage basis:

Collection of IT Assets: We collect and transport all of your broken, obsolete and discarded IT Assets to our facility.

Inspection and Audit of the collected assets:

Once the IT assets reach our facility, we inspect and audit the collected items. Our technical team will inspect the assets for their value for remarketing, consider the costs of repair, destruction of data required and come to the correct value of the IT asset.

Best Value: We are committed & we employ all means to come to the correct re-marketable value of the items & assets we have.

Destruction of Data: If your discarded, retried or obsolete IT assets require Secure Data Destruction, then our dedicated team members do the same. Our team handles the data destruction process with care, and the data is erased from the assets in a manner that it cannot be found or extracted later.

Selling of re-marketable assets: Once the data is removed and taken care of, the remarketable assets are sold through our active channels. However, those IT components and equipment that cannot be sold are disposed of and recycled according to the regulations.