Our IT Asset Value Recovery services offer you a way to mitigate risks and keep your business
free of any external threats or data breaches.

The use of technology and upgraded electronic devices dominates all businesses. With that, a new threat looms over every business, the threat of data theft, data breaches and loss of confidential data. These types of threats can be easily mitigated with our help and services.

Since every business, industry and entity, be it a school or government institution, stores the unused devices in storerooms or simply discards it as required, we offer you a secure middle ground.

Our secure and safe asset recovery services along with data destruction and disposal services help you to find a sustainable way of disposal. Our array of services includes sustainable means of disposing of the IT assets that cannot be recycled or used, along with ensuring that your stored data in the IT devices and assets is erased for good.

We offer you our trusted IT Asset Disposition services (ITAD), which not only help you to mitigate your losses, secure a sustainable means of disposal for retried IT assets but also allow you a way to recover your operating costs by selling such assets to us.

Based out of Georgia, we offer you electronic recycling pick up for your old and retried IT assets, dispose of them and make some money out of it. Our process is crystal-clear, and we share real-time records of the same with you.


Safe & Secure: B2B Exports LLC offers you the right way to mitigate your losses

At B2B Exports LLC, we understand the threat of data theft, data breaches & the loss of confidential data, which is why we offer you a secure way out. We not only pick up your IT assets but also ensure that the data from it is erased completely & is untraceable. Through comprehensive auditing & inspection, we assign the appropriate value to your IT assets and show the real-time records for the same.
Here are the benefits of our services:

More Storage Space

We understand that storing your old IT components can take up a lot of room, which is why we offer you secure data destruction, e-scrap recycling, and value for the old and obsolete IT assets.

Revenue Generation

Not only do you eliminate threats and gain space, but you also gain revenue by selling the old IT assets to us. Our technical experts allocate the appropriate value to your IT assets, which allows you to recover the maximum return on your e-waste. .

Cost Reduction

Our electronic recycling services help you to avoid accumulating many types of overhead costs. From warehousing to the appropriation of space to store your old IT assets, you can say goodbye to them with help of our services.


At B2B Exports LLC we value what matters to you. With that being said, we ensure that all the data on your IT Assets is destroyed and is not misused.

Sustainable Means

B2B Exports LLC helps you protect the environment you live in. Our services help you to ensure that none of your e-waste harms the environment and is disposed of by making use of appropriate means.

The Value Recovery Process: How we work?

Our services of data destruction and IT Asset Value Recovery are quick and efficient. Technical experts on our teamwork on your IT assets, assess the condition and assign the correct value that helps you gain the maximum return from them. Here is how we work:


Safe Pick-up:We help you by reducing your effort and costs included in disposing of such IT assets by picking up the retried assets with the help of a verified partner.

Inspection and Value calculation: Our assessors inspect the IT assets and keenly test out the aspects of the asset that can be recycled, reused and what has to be disposed of. After inspection, the value is assigned.

Purchase of your Retried assets: Once a value has been assigned to the IT asset, B2B Exports LLC will purchase that asset from you and the value of your asset will be provided to you.

Data Destruction: After the IT assets are in our facility, we erase your data. We understand that simple formatting does not get rid of the data, so we employ technologically advanced means to erase all the data.

Electronic Recycling: After we erase the data, we segregate the components and IT assets as per the condition of the assets. We separate the recyclable assets, the ones that can be used and dispose of the ones that can’t be.

Our entire process of value recovery gives to maximum value for your e-waste items.

B2B Exports LLC specializes in electronic waste recycling.
We take care of your retried and old IT assets, components and other IT devices with care.

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