• Our IT asset disposition services, help you to get rid of your old IT components, assets and other electronics items. When you upgrade the equipment in your office, your older assets may not be used and will only end up taking a lot of space.
  • Furthermore, you won’t be able to dispose of them in a manner that will not hurt the environment. As professionals in the industry of handling e-scrap, B2BExports LLC’s services will help you find the legal, right and sustainable way to dispose of the old components.

Ecological and safe solutions for all your IT Assets  Disposition!

Sell your old & save the environment!

We understand how difficult it is to get rid of the old & obsolete IT equipment that you have. To ensure that your needs on disposal of the same are met, We offer a wide array of ITAD services, which help you to dispose of the old devices. Here

No e-scrap emergency

Our service not only helps you to dispose of the e waste but also offers you eco friendly services. Our ITAD services help you to avoid an e-scrap catastrophe by knowing which IT asset require proper disposal already.

No costs on Logistics

We offer you an electronics recycling pickup. As a part of our service, we pick up your old and obsolete equipment and help you to save loads on the costs of transportation.

Secure Data removal



We understand all of your concerns. With us, your data is safe, even when we dispose of the IT assets. Before you destroy or recycle your IT Assets, we check, inspect and clear out any data the device or component may have, will be securely erased.

B2B Exports LLC helps you to ensure that your devices are disposed of properly and in a sustainable manner. We adhere to all the environmental rules and regulations for our services and disposals.

Value recovery

We not only help you dispose of your IT assets but offer you a valuation of the components through inspection and audits to come to the right price for your assets!

IT Asset Disposition: Steps to our electronic waste disposal service

Our ITAD services help you to make sure that your e waste & e scrap is responsibly disposed of, without hurting the environment. Our services include many steps, from Asset recovery to data destruction, here is how we work.


We follow a well-planned IT asset disposition process that includes the following stages:

Asset Recovery: Once we get a client’s call, we respond with in the next 24 hours and confirm their order of asset recovery.

Pick up of the IT Assets: We offer you an e-recycling pick up service with a verified transportation partner to pick up your retried IT Assets to be brought to our facility.

Secure Data Destruction: Before the IT assets are recycled or disposed of, we ensure that your data is erased in a secure manner.

Record and Reports: We offer you a real-time reporting system to track and check the disposition of your IT assets, and we make it accessible to you.

IT Asset Recycling: Upon inspection and checks, we sort out the assets and components that can be recycled, re-used and the ones that need to be disposed of. The unwanted equipment is destroyed sustainably.

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