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    Importance of Server Recycling in IT Asset Management Process

    Looking at the rapidly growing amount of e-waste by industries, governments of various states have made specific regulations for e-waste management. This has also affected server recycling as according to the new legislation these are classified as an environment hazard. The major reason making servers harmful for the environment are PCB boards that contain polychlorinated biphenyl.

    Though server recycling is not considered the best option, it is still better than throwing old servers in a landfill. Along with recycling, you can also try server reuse and control the additional cost. In addition to helping the environment, the server recycling as a part of IT asset¬† recycling process also ensures protection of your company’s data.

    Servers Used in the Organization

    Some of the major servers that your organizations may include and recycle during office electronics recycling process:

    • Mail Server
    • Proxy Server
    • Server Platforms
    • Web Server
    • Application Server
    • Real-Time Communication Server
    • FTP Server
    • Collaboration Server

    Why server recycling?

    Like other electronic items, servers also contain toxic materials like beryllium, cadmium, hexavalent, brominated flame retardant etc. When dumped in local landfills or garbage dumps, these can poison the groundwater and spoil the environment. The only way to avoid this situation is to include servers in office electronics recycling process.

    How server recycling works?

    The process starts with breaking down the hardware. Based on the age of the server, some businesses break down the complete equipment while others break down only the unused equipment and sell of the remaining parts.

    Here are the steps included in server recycling process:

    Create a list

    The first step in the process is to create a list of the server hardware that is needed to be recycled. While making the list be as clear as possible about the numbers, types, capacity of drives, power supplies and memory in each server.

    Assess data security policy:

    Assess your company’s data security policy

    You need to check whether your company will take care of data destruction or you will hire professional shredding services. If you want additional destruction, you should discuss this with the e-waste recycling company in advance.

    Get shipping details

    Some data destruction companies also arrange for the shipping to help their clients smoothly complete the process.

    Discuss your needs with company

    The last process in server recycling process is to share your list of outdated products with the company. It will help them understand your requirements and provide the best solution.

    How to ensure proper and smooth server recycling?

    Hiring professional asset management services is the answer. With their expertise, knowledge and support, they make the electronic waste recycling process so smooth and hassle free. They take away all the stress of IT asset disposition so that you can focus on the setup and installation of new devices.

    If confused from where and how to start, B2B Exports can help you. We make e-waste disposal easy and affordable for our clients.