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    How To Grade A Refurbished Computer Or Laptop?


    Technology is evolving fast, with new models of computers and laptops hitting the market every other day. Most of the changes though big enough are not worth the money you spend to relish after buying a new machine.

    Talking about most of us don’t even use the advanced features on our existing gadgets. Though it doesn’t mean buying a new machine is always a waste but rushing for every other technological update (when it is not even of your use) is one.

    So, it doesn’t make sense to spend heavily every other year during the new model with meager differences.

    Instead, why not buy a refurbished machine with the similar efficiency you need?

    All you need to know is the basics of grading a refurbished machine.

    Yes, they are categorized on various bases, understanding which you’ll be of greater benefit. Getting a refurbished machine home, could be a triumph both practically and financially. All you need is the knowledge of grading basics to make this informed decision. So let’s together dive into it:-

    Refurbished computers or laptops are categorized into 3 grades namely:-


    This is comparatively the most expensive of all other grades. Still a fraction of what the new machine cost. Grade A simply means those machines sat unsold in the store until the new version arrived and thus returned to the manufacturer where they were checked to be sold now as refurbished. There could be other possible reasons for their inception like a wrong purchase or the one that reached a corporate executive but not much used so still retain its novelty.  With this grade expect the following –

    • Almost no signs of being old i.e no dings or scratches.
    • Faster with a lot of available RAM
    • With power cable and adaptor of generic kinds
    • Mostly original packaging with user manual
    • Comes with warranty.

     GRADE B

    These are a little older machines than the grade A. With a little wear and tear which is mostly hard to notice unless one looks for it. Like the markings on the keys may be worn away. There may be few scratches on the exterior alone. Not affecting the efficiency of the machine in any way. With this expect the following –

    • Undoubtedly efficient functioning
    • A little wear and tear
    • Used but good condition
    • Packaging may be generic without manual
    • Comes with Warranty, duration largely depends on the condition and seller’s wish.


    These are older machines and hence will show signs of wear and tear like minute cracks, little scratches, and dings. The screen might look old with a few scratches and scuffs. Small fragments of casing may be missing or broken. Markings on the keypad might be difficult to read. The mouse attached might not be the generic one. Functioning still would be efficient enough.  So expect Grade C with –

    • Good performance.
    • Exterior looks used and old.
    • Warranty but for a shorter period comparatively.

    Get the machine from trusted suppliers like B2B Exports to ensure above mentioned specifications.