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    How Does IT Asset Disposition Process Work?

    IT Asset Disposition

    Every IT manager has to tackle the difficult task of IT equipment disposition at least once in his/her career. Getting rid of unwanted IT assets is not just driving the old equipment to recycling centre and replacing it with the new devices. In today’s world, old IT asset also demands for responsible disposal.

    What is IT Asset Disposition?

    ITAD is nothing but a process of disposing of old and unwanted electronic devices in an effective and responsible manner. There are professional ITAD service providers who help organizations in responsible disposal of IT assets to mitigate risk, minimize cost and maximize value recovery.

    How does IT asset disposition process work?

    Complete IT asset disposition process can be summarized in five steps. By following these five steps, you can ensure responsible disposal of your obsolete IT assets.


    The very first step in the process is to segregate the assets that are marked for disposal. This not just eases the process but also helps you meet certification requirements. During this process, you can also segregate the equipment having a resale value.

    Data Sanitization

    No matter your IT asset is going for disposal or for resale, you need to ensure complete data destruction before the assets leave your ownership. Data sanitization is the process to delete and destroy all data such as logs and credentials of peripherals. Based on the amount and criticality of data, you can opt for military grade destruction with software or simple wiping of the drives.

    Refurbishing and Remarketing

    Refurbishing and remarketing are the options to generate value from your old IT assets. There are small scale organizations that don’t have budget for new computers or laptops and they look for refurbished devices for their organization. With the help of professional ITAD services providers, you can find such buyers and get a worthwhile portion of your original purchase price.


    Not all the equipment can be refurbished or remarketed. The only option left for them is disposal through e-waste recycling. Here you need to keep in mind that there are legal restrictions around e-waste disposal, which you must follow to avoid any problem in future.


    This is the proof that you met all environmental regulations for ITAD process. You can involve a partner to get adequate certification.

    Following a planned and thorough process in association with expert IT asset disposition services providers cannot just reduce the cost impact of the process but can also help you shoulder your responsibilities towards the nature. Moreover, it also ensures secure data destruction and helps you abide by the legal guidelines for e-waste disposal.

    The future of IT asset disposition services and the data centre are closely aligned with one associated with the other. Get ahead of the game by opting for the advanced methods and creative ITAD solutions customized to your needs by B2B Exports.