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    Technology has made our life comfortable like never before. But with time we ignored the plight of Mother Nature from whom we got the life. The rapidly evolving technology results in computers getting outdated at the same pace.

    Soon, they reach landfills in form of e-waste damaging nature.

    Few brands have taken the initiative to recycle these old worn-out computers and other electronic devices.

    One such brand is B2B Exports which is popular for their end-to-end customer benefitting services across the globe.

    According to B2B Exports, recycling computers is completely a profit-enhancing opportunity for customers through realizing the residual value of what they consider to be an idle, pile-up, outdated, or even scrap. Also, it has immense benefit to environment few listed here:-

    Conserve Space

    While showing my kid the city around, our way crossed a scrapyard. It was not part of our itinerary as it was not a sight to behold. But it drew my 5-year-old attention and I was then bombarded with innumerable queries.

    Well, one thing for sure innocence defeated ignorance that day..!

    B2B Exports works on the principle of space conservation and works best to realize the residual value of old computers. Thereby, Companies can utilize their space better and need not buy huge junkyards.

    Treasure within scrap

    A computer be it old or new is a treasure in itself. But only an expert can extract the max from it. Even when they think it’s a waste, it holds those valuable materials like copper, aluminum, some precious like gold. Even plastic can be utilized and hence are recovered from those old trunks.

    According to B2BExports, extracting those worthy metals and nonmetals helps build new equipment. This helps in preventing them from reaching landfills and offers a new life to the idle materials stuck with those oldies. This fetches customers extra money in form of a lost fortune.

    Treat to environment

    Though while using your computer or even simply holding them in your storeroom, nothing from inside might have bothered. But it does pose a serious threat to the environment when disposed of untreated. So, along with the treasure we discussed your computer is house to few hazardous elements as well.


    At B2B Exports, elements like mercury, lead, etc loaded in components like monitors are treated well and are ensured to be properly disposed of. Else, this hazardous material can seep into water and soil and poison our ecosystem.

    Social Responsibility

    Certain things you don’t use might find great utility to somebody. Few companies in partner with B2B Exports support the local community as part of their corporate social responsibility. They offer refurbished computers to people in need, libraries, and schools in the vicinity. By doing so, they also save on greenhouse gas emissions and conserve energy.

    Big IT firms have partnered with B2B Exports to gain extra money, cut costs, thereby enhancing their overall profits, and more importantly proven their responsibility towards the environment and community.