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    How A Used Laptop Is Different From A Refurbished Laptop?

    IT Asset Recycling

    Computer repair is one of the best options when there is some problem in their functionality. But this might not help every time. Just imagine, if you have a very old computers that has been repaired multiple times and is almost dead, what would you do?

    Would you replace this computer with a new one? Quite possible if the requirement is only for one or two computers. What if there are more computers and you don’t have budget to buy the new stock of laptops or computers?

    If you have this budget concern, you must look for ‘refurbished laptops or computers’. This will help you get the right products for your requirements at a much cheaper price. A point to remember here is that these are not the used devices, a big mistake many people make when looking for refurbished laptops. To ensure that you get complete value for money along with your contribution in e-waste recycling process, you must understand the difference between used and refurbished computers.

    What is a refurbished laptop?

    As against the common notion of being used laptops, refurbished devices are not exactly the used ones. Though these laptops or computers are not fresh from the factory, these are also not used. These basically include the devices returned by the buyers for various reasons like minor defects, not finding the computers as per their expectations etc.

    To ensure that customers get perfectly functional laptops and computers, refurbished devices are passed through major testing process. The refurbishers correct each minor or major issue, check the devices for battery, screen, connections and power supply, and put them for sale only when there is assurance of zero errors or faults.

    What is a used laptop?

    As the name suggests, these are used laptops, you buy from an existing user. Also known as pre-owned laptops, these are used by someone else. Chances of getting a device with some issues or prior repairs are quite high when buying used laptops. For instance, if a laptop had virus before you bought it, no matter how many times you get it repaired, chances of it still having a virus are there.

    Difference between used and refurbished laptops?


    When buying refurbished laptops from vendors, you can relax about the quality and warranty. However, in case of used laptops, owner might claim that the device has never been repaired or broken, but there is no assurance of the same.


    Used laptops are sold by the owners to individual buyers while refurbished laptops are sold by vendors dealing in electronic devices like computers, mobile phones and laptops.

    Tips to buy refurbished laptops

    • Check the device for any defects before making the payment
    • Check for the warranty
    • Read the product details carefully to know the defects if it had any
    • Check return policies of the company providing the laptops
    • Buy refurbished laptops from a reliable IT asset disposition services provider

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