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    How A Professional Company Can Make The It Asset Destruction Process Easy And Effective?

    At some or other point, every company goes through a technology update cycle where they need up replace the old IT asset with the advanced ones. All they need to do is to take out the ‘old devices’ take in the ‘new devices’. Right?

    No, this is easier said than done. It’s not just about the replacement of old IT asset with the new ones, it’s also concerned with the right disposal of the old devices. Companies can’t just dump the old devices. There should be a proper IT asset destruction process for which every company might not have the right resources or knowledge.

    What’s the solution?

    Hiring a professional ITAD company for IT asset recycling and destruction is the solution. Here are the reasons how the professionals can make the process easy and effective:

    Data Destruction

    It’s not just about the destruction of the device but also the data in it. Along with the electronic equipment, you should also be extra careful how the data is destroyed. Data like phone numbers, medical records, credit card numbers etc. should be destroyed properly to avoid any type of catastrophic risk that cannot just affect the brand reputation but can also cause penalties and lawsuits.

    This risk of ‘what if’ can be completely avoided by hiring businesses that specialize in IT asset destruction.

    Revaluation of the inventory

    Proper revaluation of the inventory before putting it in waste is essential, which only an expert can help you with. This is a lengthy process of labelling, removing unwanted data, testing and then revaluing the assets. Experts can complete this process quickly while for a company it can become a massive task.

    Keeping up with the environmental compliance

    Electronic items have hazardous materials and substances like lead, arsenic, mercury etc. that if not disposed of properly can cause serious threat to the environment. Hiring a certified e-waste recycling company can help you keep up with environmental compliance and ensure responsible IT asset destruction. With their support, you can relax about effective electronic waste management as well as your brand’s good reputation.

    Better asset tracking

    To ensure that the company is acting responsibly in protecting the data and the environment during the IT asset update process, each piece of the electronic devices should be tracked properly. Losing even a single piece during the whole process can result in breaching public security. You can mitigate this risk by hiring a professional IT asset management company for asset tracking.

    So next time when you have to update the assets in your organization, prefer hiring a professional company like B2B Exports for specialized ITAM services. From speeding up the process to helping

    you should your responsibility towards the environment and getting the right value from your old IT asset, the company can help you in everything.