Frequently Asked Questions

What does B2B Exports LLC does and where is it located?

B2B Exports LLC offers electronic waste recycling, disposition and remarketing services to every industry. The company is a US-based company, located in Chamblee, GA, United States.

Why is recycling e-waste important?

Your old devices, as well as other electronic items, are made of toxic materials. Most electronics make use of plastic, metals, glass and other materials, all of which, if put in the earth would harm the environment. We dispose of your retired IT assets in sustainable means.

Which type of IT Assets are put through the shredder for destruction?

At B2B Exports LLC we ensure that your electronics are shredded after data shredding services. Mostly printers, CDs, hard drives, Flash drivers and many other electronics are shredded.

How do I schedule a pickup service?

B2B Exports LLC allows you to book your pick up services online. You can find our contact details on our website to give us a call, or you can simply make use of our form by filling it out to place your order for a pick-up.

Why hire B2B Exports LLC’s services?

Our IT Asset Recovery Services and IT asset disposition services are one of the most trusted services. We can help you to dispose of your old and retried IT assets sustainably. We also help you to ensure that your confidential data is not misused since we employ solid data destruction services. We also offer you real-time reports of your IT Assets.

Are there consequences if I dispose of my IT assets inappropriately?

Yes, there are grave consequences. Apart from the fact that you could be paying heavy fines, you could have data breaches. Your electronics store a lot of information and can be extracted even if your IT assets are broken. Furthermore, the toxic materials in the IT assets will degrade the environment as well. In some states, it is illegal to discard retried IT assets inappropriately.

How will B2B Exports LLC’s End-of-Life processing service?

Our IT Asset Life Cycle Management helps you to gain an insight into the state of your IT Assets. We help you manage your IT assets, help you with forecasting of your IT asset requirements and tell you exactly which IT assets will be required to be retried.

Will I have a report of IT Asset Disposition?

We believe in being completely transparent with our clients, which is why we offer you real-time reporting of our electronic waste disposal services. The reports of your IT assets are mentioned on our website and are easily accessible.

Do I need to pack my retried IT assets?

No, you are not required to pack your retired IT assets. When our verified partners come to pick up your IT assets, they will do it for you. Once your order with us is confirmed, all you need to do is sit back and relax.