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    Faqs On Electronic Recycling & Disposal

    According to the EPA, E-waste is one of the fastest-growing municipal waste streams in America. Only 12.5% of e-waste is currently recycled. People tend to replace electronic devices almost every year, without bothering about the disposal of the old devices or their impact on their surroundings. Here are some commonly asked electronic waste recycling related questions that might help you make a better decision next time when you think of replacing your old electronic items with new ones.

    What is e-waste recycling?

    Electronic waste or majorly called e-waste include electronic devices like phone, laptop, computers etc. If not discarded properly, these waste items can have an adverse impact on human health. E-waste or electronic waste recycling is the option to minimize the negative effect on human health and the environment by reusing, reselling or recycling these products.

    What are the benefits of electronic waste recycling?

    The major benefit of electronic recycling is the protection of the environment. Further, it also helps in conserving natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emission. Materials like aluminium, copper etc. used in electronic items can be easily reused or recycled.

    Can every piece of equipment be reused?

    Recycling electronic equipment has a certain process that companies need to follow. The first step in the process is to assess if the devices can be repaired or revamped for reuse. Sometimes there are only a few parts that can be reused while the rest of the equipment needs to be disposed of.

    How can I recycle and dispose of my electronic waste?

    Since, not every material used in electronic devices be disposed of individually, you need the help of experts. There are companies dedicated to protecting the environment by helping people in effective e-waste recycling. So instead of putting unused electronic items in curbside recycling bins, contact these companies and handover your devices to them.

    How can I trust the company I bring my equipment to?

    Though the electronic items you are taking for recycling are old, it doesn’t mean you can take them to anyone randomly. You cannot just search ‘electronic recycling near me’ on the internet and take your equipment. You should do thorough research about the company, check the list of previous clients, focus on the reputation of the company in the market and then choose a company to get your e-waste recycled.

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