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    Ensure full data destruction with B2B Exports

    You worked hard to grow your business and build strong relationship with your clients.

    Didn’t you?

    But just a small mistake in handling the confidential client or employee data can spoil your years of hard work and reputation. The only way to avoid this situation is to ensure complete protection and effective destruction of your electronic and physical data collected over years. Hiring professional data destruction services providers who can guide you and help you in the document and hard drive data destruction is the smartest choice you can make.

    Still confused? Here are some of the benefits of hiring B2B Exports for full data destruction:

    Professional services

    The most efficient way to protect data when replacing old electronic devices like laptops, computers and mobile phones is through professional hard drive destruction services. B2B Exports has a large e-waste disposal facility where we practice high-level security protocols from pickup to the final data destruction.

    Following best practices

    Unlike any unprofessional company, B2B Exports doesn’t just throw away the devices; rather the experienced team here ensures professional data shredding before sending the drives for recycling process.

    Complete protection of customer data

    No matter how old and outdated the information is, it’s your topmost priority to ensure that this data doesn’t fall into wrong hands. Hiring a professional company with in-depth knowledge of document management and hard drive destruction process can help you protect customers’ proprietary data.

    In addition to this, we also keep ourselves updated with the latest environmental regulation standards so that your company can comply by the data protection rules and regulations applicable in your state.

    How do professionals hard drive data destruction services work?

    Data destruction software

    Companies use software to overwrite the data on drives through computer programs.


    In this process, high-strength magnetic fields are used to scramble and erase the information saved on the drives. This is a more secure method than overwriting through software.


    If the drives cannot be used further, these are placed into shredders that chop the devices into small pieces. Other materials used in making the device like metals, plastic, glass fragments go into the recycling process.

    In addition to brand reputation and clients’ trust, proper data destruction also prevents you from huge fines that in some countries can go as high as $1.5 million. Morgan Stanley is an example that was fined $60 million for being not able to dispose of electronic data correctly. The company committed the same mistake of not keeping a track of data storage or hardware and overseeing the disposal of it twice after which it was fined.

    Don’t let this happen with your organization. Consult with the experts at B2B Exports today to know about IT asset recycling.