B2B Exports LLC helps you recycle your old computers, hard-disks, and other IT components. As an E-waste recycling company, we help you to keep the environment clean and green!

Use of electronics for our day to day activities is common. However, when we get new electronics, with better technology, the old ones are simply lying in trash. Throwing them out with your regular trash will only cause issues for the environment. Since these electronics are made of metals, glass, and plastic, throwing them out like trash would only pollute the environment.

To help you ensure that the environment is free of pollutants, B2B Exports LLC offers you the service of electronic recycling in Atlanta, GA. With the help of a strong team of technicians, we provide you solid electronic recycling services. Our team inspects the items you sell to us, and we extract the components that are good and can be used to create a new IT component or asset.

We also offer you secure Data Destruction, a service that ensures that the data stored in the devices cannot be used or extracted. This electronic services are being offered in entire Atlanta, GA and near by areas.

Electronic Recycling: Why choose us?

Our electronic waste solutions not only help you save the environment, but offer you other services liks computer recycling, :

Easy Waste Management

As you upgrade to newer technology, the older devices become useless, which soon turn into solid waste. We help you to manage this solid waste. Picking it up from you, you offer you environmentally friendly solutions for solid waste disposal.

No toxic Materials in the Environment

Standing true to our promise, the toxic materials and metals in your IT assets are processed by our team and are not released into the environment. Our process is completely sustainable.

Lawful Service of Electronic Recycling

B2B Exports LLC offers you lawful &correct disposal of your e-waste. We abide by the rules &regulations during our electronics recycling, to ensure that your data is safe from breaches and the data on your IT assets does not fall in wrong hands.

No Landfills

We don’t dispose wastes by the mode of landfilling. Our experts on the team have a look at the IT assets & evaluate the best sustainable means to dispose of such assets &components.

Our Process of Electronic Recycling

At B2B Exports LLC, we serve every industry. There is no end to the e-waste and e-scrap, which is why we offer you the correct electronic waste disposal means. Our skilled team of technicans understand electronics, we employ an auditing structure to understand the IT assets at a molecular level and then devise the most sustainable means to dispose the IT assets and components.


Our process of electronic recycling is as follows:

1. Asset Recovery:
Whatever IT assets you may want to discard, we offer you an IT Asset Recovery service. We pick it up from you and transport it to our facilities, for inspection, valuation, and disposal.

2. Extraction of Reusable Components:
We inspect the recovered IT components for the materials that can be still be used in the creation IT components. The useable parts are recycled.

3. Dismantling:
Once the good parts are extracted, we handle the other parts by dismantling them. We make use of a conveyor belt to shake off the parts and sort them out for proper disposal.

4. Physical Destruction:
Our electronic waste recycling services ensure that the dismantled IT assets and components are secure and are destroyed by shredding. All your data is removed before destruction.

5. Extracted Components put up for Sale:
After your data is destroyed and erased, we put up the re-useable and recyclable materials for sale.

Want to get rid of your old and unused IT assets and components?

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