B2B Exports LLC helps you to find security even after your IT assets have been
disposed of. We employ effective methods to erase all of your data
from the recovered assets for your security.

Are you looking out for complete revamp, upgrade, consolidate, or relocate your data center, big network of computing devices B2B Exports LLC has the experience and expertise necessary to ensure the process is done in a secure, responsible, environmentally friendly, and efficient manner. As your preferred data center decommissioning partner we are strict to following parameters.

Mismanagement of data center equipment’s and the data which is stored on it poses substantial security risks, potential fines, and massive damage to your brand’s reputation. Using Value tech recycling for decommissioning your data center safeguards you from all these scenarios. B2B Exports LLC is the pioneer in IT & Electronics Asset Disposition service provider in the United States. We ensure complete brand protection through secure processing of your data center’s assets while ensuring data destruction and reducing the environmental impact. Our data center decommissioning team consists of a dedicated account manager who is specifically trained and experienced in data center decommissioning, along with a full team of on-site engineers and specially trained logistics professionals all of whom ensure secure and efficient decommissioning services which adhere to all security standard.

Why choose us?

At B2B Exports LLC, we understand what you need. We understand that simply formatting an IT component will not erase all the data. So, our experienced and skilled technicians devise a way to format, erase and overwrite the data so that it becomes untraceable.

Here are some of the benefits of our service:

Fewer Hassles

Our service not only includes an electronic recycling pickup, but also the fact that we help you make sure that your data is removed and completely untraceable before it is recycled.

No E-Waste

B2B Exports LLC believes in making the world a better place. Instead of making use of landfills, we employ strategic methods, which are sustainable, to ensure that your IT assets are disposed of properly.

Security For Everyone

We understand that your IT assets contain an immense amount of information, which could belong to you, your employees or your customers. To make sure that nobody is harmed and sensitive information does not fall in somebody’s hands, we destroy all traces of it.

No Legal Trouble For You

We help ensure that no sensitive data will get leaked, used or misused. Our technicians remove everything clearly and cleverly. Businesses and individuals can be sure that there would no penalties on the front of leaked information.

Helps the Environment

B2B Exports LLC is a company that helps you make the world a better place. We help you to dispose of and destroy your data and IT assets without any worries in a sustainable fashion.

Security & Ease Go Hand in Hand: Data Destruction Process

At B2B Exports LLC we ensure that you do not have to worry about anything. Our work and data destruction services are completely secure. We provide you a 100% guarantee on the quality of our work. We also share the records of our data and destruction services with you.


Our process of Data Destruction is as follows:

Pick up of your asset on time: After we receive pick up request or a call from our client for availing our e-waste solutions, we confirm it within 24 hours and we pick up the orders on time to our processing unit.

Scanning and Recording: Once your asset is in our facility, we record the serial numbers on it, we thoroughly check it and scan it.

Destruction of Data: After scanning the IT Asset, we know what kind of methods will be perfect to erase the data. We erase all the confidential data on your IT devices, and move forward with recycling, reusing or disposal.

The whole process of e-waste solutions are recorded & reported to the clients as needed.

If you have old or retried IT assets, get in touch with us,
and we will help you dispose of the IT Assets & destruct the information that is stored on it.

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