Don’t let your IT Assets go to waste once they reach the end of their cycle. B2B Exports LLC helps you dispose of and recycle e-waste and e-scrap.

Are you looking out for complete revamp, upgrade, consolidate, or relocate your data center, big network of computing devices valuetech recycling has the experience and expertise necessary to ensure the process is done in a secure, responsible, environmentally friendly, and efficient manner. As your preferred data center decommissioning partner we are strict to following parameters.:

Mismanagement of data center equipment’s and the data which is stored on it poses substantial security risks, potential fines, and massive damage to your brand’s reputation. Using Value tech recycling for decommissioning your data center safeguards you from all these scenarios. Valuetech Recycling is the pioneer in IT & Electronics Asset Disposition service provider in the United States. We ensure complete brand protection through secure processing of your data center’s assets while ensuring data destruction and reducing the environmental impact. Our data center decommissioning team consists of a dedicated account manager who is specifically trained and experienced in data center decommissioning, along with a full team of on-site engineers and specially trained logistics professionals all of whom ensure secure and efficient decommissioning services which adhere to all security standard.

Stages of Data Center Decommissioning:

Validation and Decommissioning of IT Assets and Electronic Equipment

This stage of the process starts with disconnecting and de-installing the IT assets and electronic equipment and moving them to a designated work area. Valuetech Recycling employees will remove:

  • Outdated IT Assets & Electronic Equipment:This includes servers, SANs, network gear, firewalls, routers, laptops, desktops, monitors, hard drives, network tower, printers, etc.
  • Ancillary IT Assets & Electronic Equipment:This type of equipment includes docking stations, USB devices, keyboards, mice, etc.
  • Obsolete IT Assets & Electronic Equipment:In general, these items include laptops, desktops, monitors, hard drives, network tower, printers, servers, SANs, network gear, firewalls, routers etc.

Asset Inventory List

Valuetech Recycling can conduct your physical inventory and verify this against a client provided master asset list. This inventory reconciliation service ensures accurate IT asset counts, which is important for financial and legal recordkeeping. Any discrepancies are reported to the on-site client contact. Assets are not packed until any discrepancies have been resolved and the inventory list is updated.

Our services also include the removal of company-applied asset tags, data erasure, packing and shipping from your office and/or warehouse to our location in Chamblee, Georgia.

Data Destruction Recommendation

Valuetech Recycling recommends that all digital data be destroyed and should include physical destruction and data erasure. Valuetech Recycling guides our clients toward a solution that best fits their business needs. We can destroy data on magnetic hard drives and magnetic tapes, solid state drives and optical storage devices. Data erasure allows secure reuse of storage devices. Valuetech Recycling can provide your business with certificates of Data Destruction (CODD). The CODD demonstrates compliance to corporate and regulatory requirements, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Removal/Disposition of Obsolete IT Assets & Electronic Equipment

After inventory is validated and data is destroyed, assets are packaged, shrink wrapped on pallets, and prepared for shipment

  • Assets are tracked individually with serial number capture
  • Peripheral equipment (keyboards, cables, docking stations) is boxed and tracked by weight

Secure Transport of Your IT Assets & Electronic Equipment

Valuetech Recycling will arrange safe and secure shipment of assets from your facility to our processing warehouse located in Chamblee, Georgia. We manage all you pick-up and delivery needs to always ensure a secured chain of custody with local drivers and long-haul logistis partners.

IT Asset Resale/Remarketing

Valuetech Recycling works closely with our clients to determine the right asset recovery strategy that is most closely aligned to your business objectives. Remarketing used equipment maximizes return on investment (ROI) and minimizes environmental impact. When assessing the resale potential of an IT asset, we consider the age, functionality, appearance and overall condition of the asset.

Our clients benefit from our global market presence and our flexibility in selling their assets through multiple wholesale and retail channels. Once assets are prepared for resale, they can be instantly sold in the marketplace.

IT Asset Recovery Options

  • Resell and remarket through wholesale and retail channels
  • Dismantle and recovery parts and components for reuse
  • Equipment that no longer has useful life is responsibly recycled

Responsible Recycling

For all of your business IT assets and electronic equipment that is obsolete or beyond economical repair enters our world-class recycling process. Our facilities follows industry standards by ensuring environmentally responsible and secure recycling. No e-waste is sent to a landfill. All hazards are responsibly disposed of by licensed and audited subcontractors

IT Asset Reporting

Valuetech Recycling actively tracks our client’s IT assets through a strict decommissioning and disposition process. Our process delivers real-time reporting, including Certificates of Data Destruction, Certificates of Recycling and Certificates of Sustainability.

  • Pickup Request:We have the ability to input orders and requests for services anywhere around the globe
  • Asset Tracking:We can also provide our customers with status updates of all requests and works in progress. Access all documentation related to work orders
  • Asset Resell through e-Commerce:Valuetech Recycling can actively view BOLs, remarketing reports and financial reports
  • Asset Report: We have the ability to view asset reports, completion reports, sustainability reports, invoicing, billing records when needed.

Valuetech Recyclings Data Center Decommissioning Services Offered:

  • Onsite inventory, capturing serial numbers and quantities of all equipment
  • Onsite data destruction either data erasure or physical destruction
  • Removal of hardware, server racks, cables and other miscellaneous equipment
  • Packing and Transport of equipment and hardware back to the warehouse for resale or recycling

We understand your concern for your data, which is why we record every step of our process and make it available to all our clients to find and go through.
All of our processes are as per regulations and we ensure that we take care of the environmental concerns, which is why we only make use of materials sustainable means to dispose of the IT assets and equipment.

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