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    How Do You Refurbish a Computer?

    Refurbish a Computer

    Not always do you need to spend on a new computer, a refurbished computer can solve the purpose equally well. Using a refurbished computer doesn’t only save a few pennies in fact it also helps conserve the environment by avoiding an extra burden in form of discarded old computers. Considering the benefits, refurbishing a computer […]

    Reasons To Conserve Precious Metals With E-waste Recycling

    Increasing availability and the decreasing cost of electronic equipment like smartphones, laptops, tablets and computers might have blessed us with the advanced technology, but the rate these are replaced for updated models has also cursed us with an uncontrollable amount of electronic waste. Also called e-waste, today, this has become a rapidly growing problem not […]

    MacBook Air 11″ – Corei5 | 128 GB HDD | 4GB RAM | Silver Color

    We have the following in stock ready to ship. Qty: 100 Macbook Air 11” CPU : Core i5 HDD : 128GB RAM : 4GB Color : Silver Battery : Yes – All units are Tested/Functional – If interested, make your BEST OFFER. – Wire Transfer Only Inventory List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WJgEDZkqjHF0NAHWACL5BVN__hE8Sw1c1XqFhSgPHtQ/

    Buyer’s Guide: How to Find The Best Deals of Refurbished Laptops And Computers?

    While a used laptop can be a sensible and cost-saving option for small scale industries or companies with a limited budget, it also involves some risks that instead of helping you get a good deal can end up putting all the money down the drain. The risks associated with old and used laptops may vary […]

    How A Used Laptop Is Different From A Refurbished Laptop?

    IT Asset Recycling

    Computer repair is one of the best options when there is some problem in their functionality. But this might not help every time. Just imagine, if you have a very old computers that has been repaired multiple times and is almost dead, what would you do? Would you replace this computer with a new one? […]

    Global Refurbished Laptop Market – An Overview and Emerging Trends for 2021

    IT asset recycling

    Refurbished laptops are the used laptops that are repaired by the manufacturers or by authorized service providers. Once repaired and tested, the laptops are ready to use like new devices. Refurbished laptops make a great alternative of new devices for IT asset recycling and also help in reducing e-waste. Every year different companies perform a […]

    IT Assets Recycling Procedure

      IT Assets Recycling Procedure B2B Exports LLC’s IT assets recycling procedure separates all focus materials as they are generated through the dismantling process. Below is the summary of our IT asset recycling and down-stream vendor processes. All the focus material handled by B2B Exports LLC follows the R2 Certification Standards with approved downstream vendor for […]

    Why Choose B2B Exports LLC as a Recycling Partner?

    Why Choose B2B Exports LLC as a Recycling Partner?   B2B Exports LLC offers warranted, high quality, IT asset recovery and remarketing services to companies of all sizes. Since our inception we have been consistently recognized and respected as an industry leader in IT asset recovery and remarketing. Our services will help your company receive maximum […]