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    Why is It Important to Recycle a Computer?

    Fun Fact – 92% of the world’s currency is digital which means it only exists on computers..! That’s the power of computers; technology is undeniably transforming our lives. Although, every passing day gets you, an update or advancement in the field of technology turning the previous into outmoded. Now, what to do with this obsolete, […]


    Technology has made our life comfortable like never before. But with time we ignored the plight of Mother Nature from whom we got the life. The rapidly evolving technology results in computers getting outdated at the same pace. Soon, they reach landfills in form of e-waste damaging nature. Few brands have taken the initiative to […]

    How can an IT Department Reduce Costs?

    How can an IT Department Reduce Costs?

    Want to gain better profits? Want to be among top businesses? Want to gain a bigger market share? Guess what? we are talking money..! Something we have been working hard on ..! Profit, cost, and revenue are beautiful relations. Of Late, business consultants across the world, have stressed the importance of controlling cost. Saving on […]

    Why Dispose? Instead, Enjoy Perks of Recycling!

    Recycling Computers

    Every other day newer technology is enriching the quality of our life. With better models of IT Assets and computers with advanced versions of the technology, we are getting better. But, what about the existing computers being rejected every other day in the acquisitiveness of newer better, and faster computers? Would you be able to […]

    Common IT Asset Recycling Mistakes You Should Never Make

    Once IT assets like laptops, computers, printers, hard discs and mobile phones outlive their usefulness, what do you do with them? Do you repurpose them? Do you resell them? Do you look for effective e-waste recycling options? Or you just destroy them by throwing them in the landfills? When it comes to e-waste recycling, you […]

    5 Things to Consider for Corporate IT Asset Disposition

    Disposing of the surplus, obsolete or scrap IT asset is not just throwing them in the landfill or putting them in the store room and bringing in the new devices. In fact, this is a much more extensive task where corporate IT departments have to consider multiple things. The decision to leave IT asset disposition […]

    Confused How To Dispose Of Electronic Waste? Here Are Some Tips For You!

    E-waste or electronic waste today is one of the biggest threats for the environment because the advances in technology has reduced the lifecycle of the electronic devices. These now get obsolete just in 2 years, which has highly increased the amount of annual e-waste. Further, despite knowing the negative effects of e-waste on the environment […]

    How Does IT Asset Disposition Process Work?

    IT Asset Disposition

    Every IT manager has to tackle the difficult task of IT equipment disposition at least once in his/her career. Getting rid of unwanted IT assets is not just driving the old equipment to recycling centre and replacing it with the new devices. In today’s world, old IT asset also demands for responsible disposal. What is […]

    Importance of Server Recycling in IT Asset Management Process

    Looking at the rapidly growing amount of e-waste by industries, governments of various states have made specific regulations for e-waste management. This has also affected server recycling as according to the new legislation these are classified as an environment hazard. The major reason making servers harmful for the environment are PCB boards that contain polychlorinated […]

    Scary Effects Of Electronic-Waste On Human Body And Environment

    Let’s start the conversation with a few questions. Do you update your office’s IT assets every year? Do you purchase the latest devices every time a new one is released to keep your business at par with the latest technology? Now face the real question: How do you dispose of the obsolete, outdated and non-functioning […]