We, B2B Exports LLC, are an IT Asset Life Cycle Management company. Our wide range of services is focused around helping in augmenting the IT asset sustainability.

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At B2B Exports LLC, we are staunch believers in saving the environment by helping various corporations, people and industries to take care of your obsolete IT equipment and goods. Our services include the services of    IT asset recovery services, data shredding services, and many other IT assets services to dispose of and recycle the equipment that is no longer used or in use.

We help you recycle and get rid of old computers, computer components, flash drives, hard disks, cell phones, printers, CDs and much more. Our services also include the valuation of the equipment and components that you give to us, which helps you recover your operational costs. Once we acquire the components and equipment, we carefully deduce what can be used and what cannot be used from the IT asset Disposition service. Depending on what has been decided by our technicians we take appropriate steps for sustainable use or disposal of the same.

All of our services are sustainable, help in reducing e-waste, e-scrap and are cost-effective.


No Landfilling

Our electronic waste solutions include re-use or recycling of the equipment or components.


Sustainable and Environment-friendly

We help you reduce pollution and harm to the environment by carefully recycling or reusing the equipment and components.


Easy Services

We offer you pick up services for electronics recycling and transport your equipment with care.


B2B Exports LLC is an IT Asset Life Cycle Management company. At the heart of all our operations lies the motivation to make our environment a better place by helping in recovering, recycling, re-using and managing e-waste and e-scraps by making use of technology as well as efficient means to handle our operations.


B2B Exports LLC has one & only one vision, to help the world with our services. To strive towards constant advancements in the field of technology. Our IT asset services are handled with due respect for the environment & combine re-use with the recycling of IT equipment & components in a manner that is sustainable & does not cause any harm to life or the environment.

B2B Exports LLC handles your equipment and components with care. We understand your need to stay safe and secure, which is why we also offer Data Destruction services once we have acquired your equipment. As a responsible entity, we destroy all the data that your equipment and component may have, and this destruction allows us to assure our clients that the data will not be misused. We put in maximum efforts to provide best E waste Recycling services in USA.

To ensure the security is provided to you, we either destroy, destruct or overwrite on the components so that the initial data is impossible to extract.

Furthermore, we have come up with a service that helps us remove all the traces of data ever stored on any device. Once you are done using the components that store data, and such data is not to be used later on, give us a call, we will provide data shredding services.