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    6 Blind Spots That Can Leave Your Company Open To The Risk Of Data Breach

    IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) involves the removal of confidential data to block unauthorized nodes from the network. In workspaces where electronic devices like computers, mobile phones and laptops come and go off the company’s network, it is essential to keep the inventory of assets updated. Throughout the lifecycle of managing the IT assets, you need a proper strategy to ensure complete protection of the data, prevention of breaches and data centre IT asset disposition when the devices are disposed. During this process, the companies also need to be careful about the blind spots that can leave them open to the risk of data breach.

    Nearly 90% of the overall data breaches take place due to poor IT Asset Management (ITAM) process. Unfortunately, companies don’t have a proper understanding of the attack surface and blind spots, making them an easy target. The first step in the process to ensure robust security of data is to know the blind spots. To make it easier for you, here we have brought you the list of blind spots that can put your business at the risk of data breach.

    Lack of process control

    Not having knowledge of process control is one of the biggest mistakes companies make. To ensure protection of your sensitive information, you must have a solid process control in place. This starts from receiving the dock on arrival of a new electronic device and continues till the decommissioning process.

    Sketchy custody documentation chain

    If someone asks you how the IT equipment was secured after decommissioning or how the information on the device was destroyed, how will you answer? Will the authorities believe what you say? No, they need proper documents to prove that your company abide by the ITAD process. You can address such questions only with proper documentation that ITAD services company can help you maintain. These companies help you maintain the custody documentation even for the data that has left your possession.

    Asset database management

    Just investing in asset management tool can’t serve any benefit, if you don’t follow a standard nomenclature. Use of standards and conventions in data management help you ensure consistent use of serial numbers, brand names and other crucial information needed to effectively manage IT asset not just during their lifecycle but also beyond that.

    Lack of Accelerated Breach Response Capability

    In case of data breach or an audit, companies need to act very quickly to control the damage, which can easily be done with the help of a professional ITAM company. There are cases when companies don’t even have the access to the information they need to produce in court to defend themselves.

    You can easily protect your company and the confidential data from the unauthorized access by hiring profession ITAD services provider. These vendors have all the knowledge and expertise to ensure effective destruction of data and asset management.