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    5 Reasons To Hire Professional Hard Drive Destruction Services Provider

    Have you ever thought about how much confidential information is stored on various devices used in your organization including computer, phones, laptops, hard drives and other such digital media?

    What happens to this information when you upgrade the devices or replace them with new ones? You store the information on the cloud and hand over the old devices to the e-waste recycling companies.


    To your surprise, the hard drive from which you have restored the data on the cloud still has all the information. And if hackers get access to these devices, they can glean a ton of information about your organization, employees as well as your customers.

    When planning to upgrade your devices, it’s vital to take the appropriate measure for secure data destruction. Thankfully, today there are many hard drive destruction service providers who help companies in safe and secure data destruction.

    Still, wondering why hire professional companies for a task like data destruction? Here are the top five reasons to help you understand how HDD data destruction services can benefit you and your business.

    Removal of complete data

    Ensuring that not just the part of data but complete data is removed when destroying media storage. Professional data destruction service providers have the right tools to ensure that all the confidential information related to your organization and customers is removed from the device to protect it from going into the wrong hands.

    Meeting GDPR compliance

    Business not complying with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) face fines up to 4% of their annual turnover. Hiring a professional data shredding services provider can help you keep your business secure by meeting this GDPR compliance by ensuring proper disposal of both electronic and physical data.

    Saving the data from competitors

    It might be a bit difficult to digest but this is a fact that competitors would love to get hold of your confidential information secured on drives. Some people keep an eye on the old data and collect it to sell to a competitor. HDD destruction services by professional companies help you protect your documents, revenue reports and other data going into unauthorized hands.

    Achieve your business’ environment goals

    Shocked? Yes, hiring hard drive destruction services can help you achieve your business’ environmental goals by reducing the carbon footprint. Outsourcing your data destruction to experienced companies prevent you from contributing to landfills as the companies effectively destroy the information and send the devices for e-waste recycling.

    No recovery of data

    For hackers, it’s not difficult to retrieve data from a deleted or damaged hard drive. No matter how carefully you have deleted the information stored in the device, a smart criminal can get access to it easily. Only professional data destruction service providers can ensure that the data is erased with no chances of retrieval.

    Next time when you plan to upgrade your devices, ensure that you hire experts for secure HDD destruction. The companies have the right expertise and tools to accomplish the data destruction task for you.