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    5 Electronic Waste Recycling Methods Used by Businesses

    Broken, old and obsolete electronics along with electrical gadgets like laptops, mobile phones and computers form a huge part of a company’s waste. Proper disposal of this is one the biggest concerns as this contain a lot of toxic substance.

    A big question every company has almost every year is ‘how to recycle business electronics‘ to protect the environment and replace the old devices with the new ones. This has got more important after introduction of laws governing e-waste recycling and reuse. If you are also wondering about the proper electronic waste technique to dispose of your company’s old devices, here is the list of common methods.


    There are small scale businesses that look for used electronics. You can contact them and sell your old electronic items to them. You can also find websites connecting buyers and sellers of used electronics by charging a small fee. This saves your hassle of reaching out to different people. You can simply read the requirements of the buyers and can connect with the one looking for items that you want to sell.


    Businesses can take the charity route and can donate their used electronics. There are many NGOs that collect used and old devices to provide them to the needy like schools or other institutions working for social causes and don’t have enough capital to invest in the new devices.

    Electronic-waste recycling

    To your surprise, all electronic waste is not completely waste. These contain precious metals like copper, lead, gold and palladium that can be easily used in other electronic items. As you can’t do it yourself, you need to take help of professional companies engaged in e-waste or corporate IT assets recycling process. These companies collect the old devices from the clients and provide these to the companies engaged in creating refurbished electronic items.

    Take back option

    Some computer and electronic device manufacturers also provide take back options where they come and pick the outlived electronics. But to avail this facility, you need to discuss this with the manufacturer or the supplier at the time of purchasing the devices. Some companies might also charge a small fee for this but paying a small amount to ensure effective e-waste recycling is not a bad deal.


    Some manufacturers who regularly launch new models of their products like smartphones and laptops also give an exchange facility where they take back the old electronic items and provide the latest models. These companies help their clients in electronic waste recycling by taking back both broken and working computers, laptops and tablets. Ensure that you discuss these points while purchasing the products.

    You can make the process easier and more effective by taking help of professional e-waste recycling company. Search ‘electronic recycling center near me on the internet and you will get the suggestions of tops companies helping businesses effectively recycle and reuse their old electronics.