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    5 Effective Methods for Hard Drive Destruction

    A few years back, one of the leading beverages company had to spend millions of dollars on fraud reimbursement when a bad actor stole old hard drives with the data of 8000 employees. It was a big company that has potential to bear the losses. What if you get into such situation?

    Can you imagine the damage your company, its reputation and other stakeholders can have if your old hard drives get into the wrong hands? Not just the lost trust of your clients, it can also cause you a huge monetary loss to fix the damage. Luckily you are living in an era where you have several techniques and options to ensure proper destruction of your old hard drives. We have highlighted some of the effective HDD data destruction methods here:

    The Surgical Option

    To destroy hard drives through this technique you need a bit more patience. To disassemble the drive, you need to start with dislodging the platters and destroy them. For this, you need to fry the data by placing the platters between neodymium magnets. After this grind them down with the help of sandpaper. To end their existence, you need to grind the magnetic surface of the drive.

    Degaussing hard drives

    This is an apt technique for the hard drives, which are no longer in use. To degauss the old hard drives, you will need a powerful device degausser that uses a strong magnetic force. This ensures that no one can read or use the drive. As the data is stored using magnetic principles, the process alters the magnetic direction of the hard drive to destruct the data.

    Disintegrating hard drives

    Hard drives with highly classified information are destructed through disintegration process. The data destruction process is carried out with the help of a machine having a conveyor system and a knife to slice hard drive into small particles. The pieces are so small that hackers can’t even reassemble them to access the data on the drive.

    Erasing hard drives

    This is the most common but a highly risky method of deleting the information on a hard drive. This process just erases the data on drive that never ensures protection from malicious actors. This is just moving information from one place to another, which is also a reason behind so many cases of identity theft.

    Melting hard drives

    Performed by secure data destruction services providers, melting hard drives is the final stage of hard drive destruction. In this process, professional companies take hard drives as scrap metal and destroy them completely by throwing them into a molten vat of hot liquid metal. Along with the most effective method this is also the most dangerous method, so it should be done only by experts.

    Though these are effective and highly useful methods, remember that do-it-yourself (DIY) methods are sometimes dangerous. Some methods might be expensive but they come with the assurance of your security. So, it’s better to invest in professional hard drive destruction services and relax about the security of crucial data.