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    Monthly Archives: September 2021

    Reasons To Conserve Precious Metals With E-waste Recycling

    Increasing availability and the decreasing cost of electronic equipment like smartphones, laptops, tablets and computers might have blessed us with the advanced technology, but the rate these are replaced for updated models has also cursed us with an uncontrollable amount of electronic waste. Also called e-waste, today, this has become a rapidly growing problem not […]

    Common IT Asset Recycling Mistakes You Should Never Make

    Once IT assets like laptops, computers, printers, hard discs and mobile phones outlive their usefulness, what do you do with them? Do you repurpose them? Do you resell them? Do you look for effective e-waste recycling options? Or you just destroy them by throwing them in the landfills? When it comes to e-waste recycling, you […]

    MacBook Air 11″ – Corei5 | 128 GB HDD | 4GB RAM | Silver Color

    We have the following in stock ready to ship. Qty: 100 Macbook Air 11” CPU : Core i5 HDD : 128GB RAM : 4GB Color : Silver Battery : Yes – All units are Tested/Functional – If interested, make your BEST OFFER. – Wire Transfer Only Inventory List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WJgEDZkqjHF0NAHWACL5BVN__hE8Sw1c1XqFhSgPHtQ/

    5 Things to Consider for Corporate IT Asset Disposition

    Disposing of the surplus, obsolete or scrap IT asset is not just throwing them in the landfill or putting them in the store room and bringing in the new devices. In fact, this is a much more extensive task where corporate IT departments have to consider multiple things. The decision to leave IT asset disposition […]