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    Confused How To Dispose Of Electronic Waste? Here Are Some Tips For You!

    E-waste or electronic waste today is one of the biggest threats for the environment because the advances in technology has reduced the lifecycle of the electronic devices. These now get obsolete just in 2 years, which has highly increased the amount of annual e-waste. Further, despite knowing the negative effects of e-waste on the environment […]

    Inventory Update: Dell | Hp | Lenovo Desktops

    We have the following in stock yet to ship. Qty: 229 Dell | HP | Lenovo – Desktops CPU : i3/i5/C2D/Xeon/Pentium/AMD HDD : No RAM : 2-4GB – All units are Tested/Functional – If interested, make your BEST OFFER. – Wire Transfer Only Inventory List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WJgEDZkqjHF0NAHWACL5BVN__hE8Sw1c1XqFhSgPHtQ/

    Buyer’s Guide: How to Find The Best Deals of Refurbished Laptops And Computers?

    While a used laptop can be a sensible and cost-saving option for small scale industries or companies with a limited budget, it also involves some risks that instead of helping you get a good deal can end up putting all the money down the drain. The risks associated with old and used laptops may vary […]

    Macbook Air 11″ – Corei5 | 128 GB HDD | 4GB RAM | Silver Color

    We have the following in stock ready to ship. Qty: 500 Macbook Air 11” CPU : Core i5 HDD : 128GB RAM : 4GB Color : Silver Battery : Yes – All units are Tested/Functional – If interested, make your BEST OFFER. – Wire Transfer Only Inventory List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WJgEDZkqjHF0NAHWACL5BVN__hE8Sw1c1XqFhSgPHtQ/ . Gallery:

    7 Steps Checklist For Error-Free Data Center Decommissioning

    Data Destruction

    Everything in this world is perishable; servers in your organization as well. And when the servers reach the end of their life, data center decommissioning becomes the need of the hour. This is not just shutting down the old servers, turning off the switches and dismantle storage racks. Rather, it’s a huge undertaking and a […]

    How Does IT Asset Disposition Process Work?

    IT Asset Disposition

    Every IT manager has to tackle the difficult task of IT equipment disposition at least once in his/her career. Getting rid of unwanted IT assets is not just driving the old equipment to recycling centre and replacing it with the new devices. In today’s world, old IT asset also demands for responsible disposal. What is […]

    How A Used Laptop Is Different From A Refurbished Laptop?

    IT Asset Recycling

    Computer repair is one of the best options when there is some problem in their functionality. But this might not help every time. Just imagine, if you have a very old computers that has been repaired multiple times and is almost dead, what would you do? Would you replace this computer with a new one? […]